Lemon Groves

A great number of pillars and walls of the “limonaie” (lemon groves), the characteristic gardens where lemons were grown, are still to be seen in Limone.

The First “limonaie” date back to the 17th century but it was during the first decades of the 18th century that most interventions were carried out thanks to the investments of the Bettoni family in the gardens of Reamòl and Garbèra.

It took years of hard work to get large hot houses protecting the plants and the fruits from the cold winter temperatures; and this was an activity which deeply marked the landscape of Limone and influenced the life and economy of its people for over two centuries.

On September 13 J.W. Goethe himself remained astonished: “ We went past Limone with its terraced gardens planted with lemon trees up the slope of the mountains: a spectacle of wealth and charm. In the gardens there are white square pillar rows placed at a certain distance one from the other…”.

Thanks to its climate an the “limonaie”, Limone was the northern most area in the word producing citrus fruit for commercial purposes. The lemons were sent to Germany, Poland, Russia, thus guaranteeing work for many people and considerable profits.