The Olive Oil of Limone

The legendary olive-tree is a most important part of Limones' past. Over hundreds of years it was in the centre of live because it gave work on the fields and its fruits gave the most important product to change in commerce: the oil.

In a climate like ours, which is very similar to the mediterranean, climate and the special sandy soil its development and integration over the centuries into this region were guaranteed.

This natural factors toghether with the men's work are still giving a very special olive oil to the market. This oil is of high quality with an acidity less than 1% and has a gentle taste of healthy and fresh olives, harvested at the right moment of its ripening, creating this way the perfect balance between the smell and the taste.

At it is known the "extra-virgin" olive oil is one of the most important ingredients for the Mediterranean diet, which has as aim healthy nourishment without abandoning the pleasures of food, as is the tradition in Italy.